15 mistakes you can make when you design your own interior

The trend of self-designing houses is no longer strange to young people in today's society. Buying products online on e-commerce platforms is not too strange. However, have you ever bought furniture yourself and you think that the furniture placed in your room is wonderful, but when you put them in the room, you accidentally discover As it turns out, they're ugly and don't fit your room at all. Let's analyze with Smart Decor and avoid unfortunate errors that make you both lose money and time but can't get the room you want so that we can make a wiser decision.

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1. Choosing the wrong sofa

A great living room starts with a great sofa. However, many families still keep the old sofa they are using, even when investing in redesigning the entire house. This will make the whole room not harmonious and create exactly the style you want to aim for. Investing in a chair Sofa will bring a new and attractive look to your living room.
One thing to keep in mind in choosing Sofas is the comfort of using them. You should pay attention to the  Sofa size and the suitability with the space layout of the room before deciding to buy. “Buying on a whim goes well with accessories and decorative tabs, but with sofas it is the opposite and it can become a big mistake that customers are prone to make” – in the words of an architect sharing shall.

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 Modern sofa in an interior design Empire apartment | Smart Decor

2. Feels like in the Showroom


Another mistake designers often encounter in many living rooms, according to New York-based architect Elizabeth Roberts, is the "showroom feel". Usually, we all focus on buying decorations at the same store. This makes your living room like a miniature showroom space of that store.

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Industrial style shows the strength of Palm Heights owners | Smart Decor

3. Bought a rug that's too small

One of the main mistakes when living room interior design is that we often buy rugs that are too small. A typical living room will need a rug about 2-3m long and we should avoid rugs or things that are less than 2m in size.
A rug with a length of 1m may be suitable for placing next to the bed, in the kitchen or at the entrance, but not for your "living room interior".

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Modern living room carpet Sala | Smart Decor

4. Poor layout

One of the important factors when arranging a living room layout that customers often overlook is: family members can talk to each other. Especially in long and narrow spaces such as townhouses or apartments with lofts

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Dining area combined with estella heights project music corner | Smart Decor

5. Hanging artwork the wrong way


“Pictures hanging on the wall the wrong way look like a movie character wearing an ugly wig.” They will distract and create an uncomfortable feeling for the viewer. We all assume that works of art should be hung at eye level, but this is not the case. Generally, you should hang artwork about ¾ (three quarters) of the wall height from the floor when designing the living room interior.

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Art wall paintings

6. Invest in expensive furniture and don't "dare" to use it

You should invest in a room that is suitable for daily living rather than investing in furniture that is too expensive and you do not want to use them.

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The interior is luxurious and you can't use it

7. No mix & match styles

Sometimes we are limited by the architecture of the house and often choose the interior according to the same architecture. The solution is that you can mix & match design styles to create a different living space, expressing your personality. 

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Bedroom Scandinavian style mix Indochine | Smart Decor

8. Skip the measurement


A tip for you when combining styles with trends, be mindful of the height of the interior when mixing elements of convenience and interior beauty.

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If you do not arrange it carefully, the room will lose its natural layout.

9. Only use certain fabrics

There are some fabrics that are commonly used outdoors, but you can still use them in an apartment that can't be damaged by children or pets.
You should be careful with silk fabrics, although they look beautiful and luxurious, they are quite easily damaged if not handled carefully. You can replace it with durable, safe wool.

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Durable woolen rugs are safe for the living room.

10.  Not considering the perspectives from reality

An important thing you need to do before finishing the decoration is to consider the view from the main sitting position, can the view look out the window or observe the room space?

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Reading area looking out the window helps homeowners relax and enjoy life

11. Skip the little decorative details

To avoid feeling like you're in a furniture store, you need to arrange to leave room for lighting and small decorative accessories. These small pieces are what add personality to your room, using a light source with moderate illumination for the living room is better than a strong direct light source.

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Arrange the dining table before each party to make the space more beautiful | Smart Decor

12. Đặt quá nhiều tâm tư vào ghế Sofa

“Simple is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci"
“Simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication”, you should avoid elaborate designs such as curves at the legs or armrests. The sophistication always comes from simplicity and is also one of the ideal design styles that Smart Decor  always combines.

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The sofa is simple but still suitable for the design space.

13.  Choosing the wrong sofa table

Instead of choosing sofa tables according to your liking, you should consider choosing them according to the style and function of the space such as being child-friendly or able to store things.

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Unique sofa table design with handy storage

14. Choose cheap paintings instead of quality paintings

Designers think cheap paintings can drag down the aesthetic of your space. You should choose quality and prestigious art wall paintings to create accents for the space

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15. Improperly hanging curtains

Hanging curtain rods directly above the window can narrow the space of a room, instead hang the curtain rod halfway up the window frame. This will make the room feel larger.

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Hang the curtain higher than the window to create width for the space.




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