4 Trends of using tiles for kitchen and bathroom are popular in 2020

As one of the most popular and popular trends this year, these 4 types of ceramic tiles will definitely be one of the interesting choices for your unique kitchen and bathroom interior design. . Let's learn about them with Smart Decor through the article below.

1. Terrazzo

Originating in Italy more than 500 years ago, Terrazzo has made a spectacular comeback and has become one of the hottest porcelain tile trends today. Imitation marble terrazzo tiles are made from cement and finished with a smooth appearance combined with gray, ivory or dark brown patches that will bring coolness and a sense of flexibility to the space. Terazzo is suitable for walls and floors in many areas of the house depending on the needs and preferences of the owner.

Terazzzo tile floors create a feeling of freshness – Source: Internet

Terazzo with fancy blue color – Source: Internet

Kitchen with elegant Terazzo tiles – Source: Internet

2. Oblong Metro Tiles

Replacing the usual Metro Tiles and was widely used for kitchen and bathroom interior design in the years 2005 - 2018. This elongated Metro Tiles is present in most of the popular tile collections. variable with a rich and varied color palette.

      - ​​​​​​​Norse Subway Clay Gloss Ceramic – Mandarin Stone in 12 colors from £39.44p/m2
      - Oska Shell Matt Porcelain – Mandarine Stone, available in 8 colors, priced from £39.39 p/m2

Norse Subway Peppermint Gloss Ceramic – Source: Internet

Amazing combination of colors – Source: Internet

– Source: Internet –

 Source: Internet

3. Patterned Tiles – Patterned bricks

A striking piece of wall will help the space become attractive and creative, patterned tiles with combined textures will be an amazing element for your room.

Simple but attractive – Source: Internet

Hope green pattern with fancy textures


Common patterns – Source: Internet

4. Natural Stone Tiles – Natural stone tiles

Away from the usual strong Carrara marbles, it can be a bit risky to choose marble with newer colors, but if applied correctly and in moderation you will be surprised. with their bold choices. Mandarine stone's Valentina Honed marble - a marble from Norway combined with pastel pink, blue gray or cool colors is a typical example.

Marble Valentina Honed

Source: Internet



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