5 Notes to know when renovating the apartment space

To refresh an old space and turn it into a perfect new space will improve your quality of life. However, how to renew to optimize space and cost is a problem that many customers do not understand. Today SmartDecor will help you answer 5 important notes for you to have a more general view in renovating your living space.

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  1. Understand your desires and favorite styles.
  2. Need to find a reputable contractor to perform.
  3. Avoid mixing multiple styles together.
  4. Choose the right color and product.
  5. Monitor the construction process to avoid errors.

1. Understand your desires and favorite styles.

Designing living space is something that every customer is concerned about when taking the first steps in the renovation of their home. Many customers often find it difficult to balance the economy but still have to have a beautiful space. Therefore, understanding your desires and preferences is an important thing that forces you to think and prepare.

If there is a great idea, a separate hobby, your home will become neat, tidy and sophisticated. On the contrary, if you do not know what to do and arrange in what style, it will inadvertently turn your house into clutter and lack of space. If you like green plants, you can look to the garden design, glass doors to catch the sun. If you like personality, gothic, nostalgic motifs, vintage themes will be the right choice. If you like elegance, the combination of one-color furniture with submerged motifs will help your space be more pure but no less modern and dynamic...

The photo illustrates the dining area and kitchen in a modern, luxurious style (source: SmartDecor).

Therefore, SmartDecor always advises its customers to choose a reputable design and construction unit for advice on the right style for their home space.

2. Need to find a reputable contractor to perform.

There are many customers telling us that: “design and construction at contractors are very expensive, they only need a 3D design drawing, everything else will be purchased and decorated by themselves”.

With this opinion SmartDecor does not object to customers, but SmartDecor will advise you that choosing and purchasing those furniture products is easy to deviate from 3D drawings, which leads to vulnerable spaces. mix. In addition, the size, color, and material of the customer are very easily confused because today on the market there are many diverse models with many different prices, if you buy the wrong product, it is easy to make your home. colors are messy and difficult to harmonize.

Illustration (source: collection)

In addition, the cost of buying yourself will be higher and it is easy for you to buy the wrong product or buy unnecessary products for your home.

3. Avoid mixing different styles together

This is a problem many customers have encountered because they have not understood the characteristics and properties of each design style in the field of furniture.

Mixing styles together indiscriminately and without knowledge will make the design and the house not harmonious and messy.

Color Block - Xu hướng thiết kế nội thất văn phòng đa sắc màu

The image illustrates the space combining many styles & colors (source: collectibles).

In this case, you should find a reputable unit to help you. SmartDecor unit always supports free consultation for customers, for more detailed information about design style you can contact us SmartDecor.

4. Choose the right color and interior

For beautiful interior design, furniture is a decisive factor. However, in case you want to save money, you should not choose sophisticated furniture with high prices. Instead, it is possible to choose for the family items at a reasonable price that still ensure durability and aesthetics based on 3D drawings to save costs but still standardize the size and proportions for the house.

Project illustration (source: SmartDecor).

5. Monitor the construction process to avoid errors.

To ensure the progress and quality of the house, SmartDecor always encourages customers to monitor the construction progress to feel more secure about their home. Tracking progress will help you avoid construction errors, fix problems when necessary, and ensure completion.

With the above experiences, SmartDecor hopes that you will be more confident in the process of renovating the interior of your home. Let the housing space become as desired and the cost is clearly saved. To learn about design styles and products, please contact hotline 0911 933 938 or leave information here.



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