6 wing wardrobe SD-T080

Product Type: WARDROBE
Trademark: Smart Decor
Status: Stocking
  • Product Code : SD-T080
  • Color: Creamy white
  • Material: MDF/MDF
  • Reference size : 2000 x 1800 x 600

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Product name: 6 wing wardrobe SD-T080


The appearance of the wardrobe with soft and pure tone creamy white makes your living space more luxurious than ever. The 6-wing wardrobe SD-T080 is designed by Smartdecor, the cabinet is fully assembled from high-grade industrial wood planks with a solid frame. Besides, to make the wardrobe more solid, the manufacturer has added a fixed horizontal shelf made of high-grade powder-coated steel removable to hang clothes inside the cabinet. In order to increase the luxury of the product, the interior of the cabinet is covered with a layer of chocolate brown Melamine to increase the elegance of your wardrobe. Products are designed. Learn more about Smartdecor here.

Details of 6 wing wardrobe SD-T080 

  • Reference size: 2000 x 1800 x 600
  • Designed by SmartDecor.
  • Material: MFC/MDF industrial wood.
  • Product surface: fully covered with Melamine An Cuongsmooth material, high colorfastness over time..
  • The pull bars door: made of stainless steel, powder coated.
  • High-grade damper system: from famous worldwide brands such as Hafele, Inmundex, Blum, Heckler etc..
  • Includes: 3 compartments and 6 wings
  • Easy to install and move.
  • Clean with a soft, dry or damp cloth.
  • Made in Vietnam.
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