Bohemian interior design style - The liberal freedom of Morocco

Dubbed as a colorful style with a combination of many colors together, Bohemian is the leading trend for 2022 in the field of furniture in particular and art in general. Unlike Color Block, Tropical or Scandinavian, .... has its own standards when it comes to color combinations, Bohemian escapes from its own standards and always combines colors randomly and liberally. Discover the uniqueness of Bohemian style with SmartDecor!

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  1. Interior Style What is Bohemian?
  2. Features of Bohemian style.
  1. The spirit of freedom - liberal breaks all the standards of Bohemian style.

1. Interior Style What is Bohemian?

Bohemian is a term that originates from a country called Bohemian in the region of Morocco in Europe, now divided into continental plates of countries: Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. Bohemian, also known as Boho, is a style expressing the lifestyle and characteristics of the nomadic people in Morocco that is still preserved and prevalent to this day.

In Vietnam, this style was introduced about 4-5 years ago, but it is still not prominent. In recent years, when tourism and economy develop, the demand for beauty in both lifestyle and living space is increased, Bohemian style has become widely popular and favored by many people.

The image shows the outside of the Bohemian style house (Source: Collectibles)

2. Features of Bohemian style

Bohemian style (Boho) originates from Morocco, is a style that is a cross between two major cultures, the East and the West. Bringing in the freedom and liberality with distinct personality colors, Bohemian leaves a strong impression on art lovers with distinctive beautiful drawings.


As a style inspired by the life of nomads, always in a moving position at any time, so the main materials they use are simple, lightweight, durable materials for easy carrying and carrying such as: fabric, bamboo, sewing, ... handmade items, do-it-yourself is the main thing.

In particular, Fabric is a material considered as the soul of Bohemian because of its convenience, lightness, durability and variety of styles. It can be a soft, flowing fabric that creates a free romance like sheer fabric or it can be a rustic rough fabric with an old dusting effect like linen. In addition, crocheted wool fabrics are also widely used. The fabric will be used in interior items as well as decorations. From sofa upholstery, carpets, curtains and bedding. Of course, it is indispensable for the impressive color motifs.

Photo illustration of fabric interior in bohemian design style (source: collectibles).

Bohemian also emphasizes on items made from nature such as bamboo, sewing, and mortar.

Illustration of bamboo and sewing furniture in bohemian design style (source: collectibles).


Contrary to other styles, Bohemian does not limit the number of motifs. With nomadic people, they believe that the more motifs, the happier life will be and the more luck will come to them.

Pictures of Moroccan motifs (source: collectibles).

In Bohemian style, texture is one of the indispensable details. With the spirit of freedom - liberal, the textures in Boho are not limited, but on the contrary to better suit the "traveling around" lifestyle, the motifs of this style become even more diverse. In particular, the characteristic feature of the Bohemian region is the Moroccan motifs, also known as brocade motifs.


If the motifs in Bohemian have not been limited, the colors used in this style are also extremely diverse and rich.

The more motifs, the more colors, this is said to be lucky with the custom of the nomadic people of Morocco.

Interior image with Boho design style (source: collectibles).

Light & nature

Light is an important element in Bohemian (Boho) style, this is considered the core element that creates a Bohemian style. The "nomadic" lifestyle, freedom and freedom is clearly shown in the way they combine natural light with brocade and fabric motifs.

The image of the space is lighted by the use of glass and chiffon curtains (source: collectibles).

In addition, immersing in nature is also promoted in Bohemian by the details of leaf-shaped patterns on the fabric, or more specifically, they often use plants such as cactus, wicker, plantain, .. . to decorate more for home space.

The image of trees is used to decorate the living room space (source: collectibles). 

3. The spirit of freedom - liberal breaks all the standards of Bohemian style.

The perfect combination of material, color, and light elements has created a harmonious whole, creating a distinct beauty and bold personality.

SmartDecor believes that Bohemian will bring many interesting things to art lovers in general and bring many inspirations to young architects and designers in the future.


Hopefully with this article, SmartDecor brings you useful information and inspiration in the interior. To learn more and to design the interior of your living space in Bohemian style, please contact SmartDecor immediately via hotline 0911933938 or leave contact information right below this article so we can support you. specific support, advice and quotes for you. See you in other reference articles on the Blog page.



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