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You've probably heard the name or caught a glimpse of the word "Vintage" on the cover of a magazine or somewhere in your everyday life. Vintage style is gradually becoming more and more popular for coffee shop design, fashion design, and landscape design, but this style is being applied to designing townhouses and especially in high-end apartment designs in urban areas year 2022.

Let's explore with SmartDecor right away what is the Vintage style? The origin and characteristics of this style in interior design offline.

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  1. What is Vintage Interior Style?
  2. The outstanding internal features of the Vintage interior style
  1. Practical application of Vintage style in today's interior design.

1. What is Vintage Interior Style?

First, to understand what "vintage style" is? in French, translating the word "Vintage" would mean oil or wine. But according to the years of use, this word is understood to mean things that are at least half a century old. By the early twentieth century, the word "Vintage" was often used to refer to second-hand clothes.

Pictures of vintage style furniture (Source: Collectibles)

By the mid-twentieth century, it was seen as a marker for the Vintage style. So the Vintage interior style in interior design is the combination of classic and modern features to create a trend of new design styles in the interior field. It's called Vintage interior design. It brings beauty light, idyllic space, and a sense of nostalgia over time but is no less modern in use.

To better understand the Vintage interior design style, let's learn about the interior space of this style. This is a mix of objects from decades ago such as peeling paint tables and chairs, old picture frames, antique chandeliers or simply incandescent light bulbs etc.. combined with items. Modern furniture such as bookshelves, flat screen TVs, relaxing chairs or modern equipment.

Photo of a corner of the kitchen space in the Vintage style (Source: collectibles)

2. The outstanding internal features of the Vintage interior style 

Every style has its own characteristics. Therefore, the Vintage style also has some unique characteristics that other styles such as industrial style, Scandinavian style or Indochine style, and neoclassical style (Neo Classic) do not have.

2.1. Main color 

What is Vintage Color? In interior design, use gentle and elegant colors such as white, cream, and light blue. Vintage interior style is divided into two types with different color schemes:

  • Mid-Century Modern style: this is a style that was used a lot in the years from 1930 to 1960 and has a very impressive use of color tones.
  • Art Deco Vintage: Used a lot during the 1920s to 1940s, this style is more about neutral colors and colors that can bring lightness.

Both of these colors bring the direction of nostalgia but are not restrictive.

Color image of kitchen space  decades ago used for Vintage style (Source: Collectibles)

2.2. Classic and modern combination furniture.

This is the main element to identify the Vintage style because it has a great influence on the house decoration in the Vintage style. The way to choose the right clothes is suitable for the living space, but also has the impression of time and looks nostalgic.

SmartDecor will reveal to you some furniture that will fit this style that you can easily find in your warehouse or in antique stores such as watches, worn sofa sets, and lamps. elaborate beam or an old clock ...v..Vv. Maybe you find it too old to use but bring high aesthetics to your own home.

The image of a vintage-style living room is combined with a sophisticated old carpet (Source: Collectibles)

2.3. Space decorative elements

It is possible that the antiques have been damaged, but you should not discard them because this is also an equally important factor. Antique items in vintage interior design are very popular as decorative objects such as hanging clocks, flower vases, bookshelves, or old books are also objected that you can use to decorate space for this style. In addition, doormats, floor mats, and old-style wooden floors are also materials that are focused on Vintage interior design.

The combination of green trees makes the space less heavy and somewhat closer to nature. Don't forget this factor!

Pictures of bookshelves and books or newspapers are also combined with pictures, old sofas on a wooden background in a modern style (Source: Collectibles)

2.4. Light in Vintage interior style

Because the interior design space in the Vintage style uses a lot of antiques, the lighting arrangement is something to note and you must understand what is the light element in the interior design in the Vintage style?. Because, if you design a space without windows to get natural light or don't use spotlights to highlight the aesthetics of old objects, it will make your space become old. and much darker. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange windows in some places on the interior design drawings of high-class apartments or townhouses that need a reasonable layout.

An image of a corner of the kitchen table space with light next to a large window designed in Vintage style (Source: Collectibles)

3. Practical application of Vintage style in today's interior design

 As mentioned in the title, below are some beautiful images that have been selected by SmartDecor to help viewers of this article see and easily visualize what a living space in the Vintage design style is like, from there to make the right decision for your own home space.

The image of the living room with white tones combined with blue creates a highlight and combines with some old items and materials (Source: Collectibles)

The image of a corner of the living room space is combined by the designer with a wooden bench and an old wooden crate as a tea table (Source: Collectibles)

The image of interior design space in Vintage style with white tones combined with classic decorative cabinets  brings elegance to the space and is extremely beautiful (Source: Collectibles)

The image of the living room area is taking advantage of natural light in combination with a sofa set, a fireplace, and a mirror in Vintage style (Source: Collectibles)

An image of a corner of interior style decor Vintage with an antique clock, wall paintings, single sofa, and carpet are all imprinted with time (Source: Collectibles)

The image of a vintage-style decor corner is made use of old newspaper and wall stickers combined with classic furniture (Source: Collectibles)

The image of the living room is mixed in a gentle blend of modernity with a bit of classic in Vintage style (Source: Collectibles)

Pictures of wooden tables and chairs mixed in Vintage style (Source: Collectibles)

The image of furniture shows a gentle and nostalgic style full of art (Source: Collectibles)

An image of an antique dining table from the last decade (Source: Collectibles)

The image of sophisticated carpets with wooden floors creates beauty for the room (Source: Collectibles)

Hope this article will bring a lot of knowledge and inspiration to readers. To learn more and need to design the interior of your living space in a Vintage style, please contact SmartDecor via hotline  0911933938  or leave contact information right below this article so we can assist you. specific support, advice, and quotes for you. See you in other reference articles at trang Blog.



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