Sofa SD-S016

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Product Type: Sofa
Trademark: Smart Decor
Status: Stocking
  • Product Code: SD-S016
  • Color : Blue
  • Material: Industrial leather imported Singapore
  • Dimensions: 1800 x 900 x 420 / 2200 x 900 x 420


In addition, Smart Decor accepts produces and tailors product samples based on individual sizes, colors, and materials for your own living space. Please contact us immediately to receive quotes and preferential policies.

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Three-seat sofa SD-S016 Industrial leather imported from Singapore

SD-S016 sofa is a product manufactured from high-grade industrial leather imported from Singapore, creating a product that is beautiful and suitable for many uses in the 4.0 era.

  1. Dimensions of Three-seat sofa SD-S016

Build a separate style for your home with a modern blue sofa set, without fussy textures in harmony with the classic design, making the chair even more luxurious, and suitable for many spaces.

To apply more living space, the SD-S016 3-seater sofa set is produced in 2 sizes as follows:

  • 1800x900x420
  • 2200x900x420
  1. SD-S016 sofa is upholstered in industrial-grade 1 leather imported from Singapore

Industrial grade 1 leather (PU leather) is produced under careful selection and screening, the real leather and fabric fibers are crushed into very small pieces by an industrial mill, and then pressed together with extreme pressure. large to create an extremely tight bond. This mixture is spread and compressed with a layer of high-grade PVC to increase elasticity, water resistance, heat resistance and extreme durability. The final step is to color, dry and cure at the permissible temperature to create a standard piece of leather for the sofa cover.

This is the leading high-grade industrial leather today, imported from Singapore, so it has received a lot of trust and use. Type 1 leather covers the outside of the SD-S016 3-seat sofa with the following external characteristics:

  • The leather texture system is almost like real leather, soft to help the sofa become luxurious.
  • The leather is waterproof, fireproof and has high flexibility.
  • Blue is a cold tone that is being chosen by many customers to decorate their living room space.
  1. Good resilience and bearing capacity

The thickness of the 3-seater sofa SD-S016 is 15cm, using a good mattress with a rubber content that meets international standards for quality, thereby helping to increase the elasticity of the chair despite having to bear a lot of weight. About the ability to resist collapse of the seat cushion is unmatched, although when sitting, it feels soft and smooth, but the sofa is quite firm and safe.

With a high-end mattress line, the longer the seat cushion is used, the softer it becomes, but the elasticity of the mattress remains the same and does not affect the appearance of the sofa.

  1. Designed for comfort and convenience

A special feature of this Three-seat sofa SD-S016 is the design of 3 single seats together to help bring a sense of comfort and infinite space. The back has a fulcrum - the inclined angle design is suitable for the curve of the back spine of the human body, so it reduces pressure on the spine, reducing back fatigue when sitting for a long time. The armrests on both sides of the sofa are thick, wide and sturdy.

Underneath the seat cushions, there is an extra layer of bearing and effectively supporting great pressure from above - the outstanding feature of the SD-S016 3-seat sofa that few sofas have. In addition, the sofa legs are made of powder-coated iron, making cleaning easier, durable and extremely resistant. Avoid scratching the floor surface.

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