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Industrial style, also known as Industrial style, is one of the styles that is considered a future trend. This is a design style that is loved by many homeowners because of its sophisticated, nostalgic, and especially luxurious design, satisfying the most demanding customers of SmartDecor.

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  1. What is Industrial Style?
  2. Features of Industrial style.
  • Design - home wall decoration.
  • Layout of windows and lighting.
  • The space layout is simple and minimal.
  • Use industrial-style furniture.
  • Favorite color of industrial style.
  • Material, substance.
  • Design emphasis.
  • Blending elements.
  1.  Why is Industrial considered strong design?
  2. What SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be done by industrial architecture?

1. What is Industrial Style?

Industrial style, also known as Industrial, was born in the context of the European industrial revolution recession in the early years of the 20th century. At this time, factories in Western Europe were abandoned due to the relocation of factories to other countries. third country at a lower cost. In that situation, the idea of rebuilding these buildings into residential areas to meet the living needs of the people was formed.

Industrial Style - Industrial Style (Source: Collectibles).

To restructure into housing, the architects decided to recreate the previously flourishing buildings, taking advantage of what is available and bringing in living facilities to create space. Live appropriately and, delicately but equally unique, out of the way. From then on, a new and unique home design style was born and constantly improved to fit the times better.

It can be seen that industrial style has a great influence and meaning in the times. Although not aristocratic like Art Deco, elegant like Vintage, or sophisticated like Scandinavian, Industrial has a distinct color that attracts people with strong personalities. While other styles try to hide the raw flaws, the Industrial style encourages it, it removes the cumbersome, extravagant things and only distills what is pure and necessary for the space living time.

2. Features of Industrial Style - Industrial Style.

Design - home wall decoration.

As an industrial style, of course, this style will retain the most rustic, roughest of the so-called industrial.

The nostalgia and rusticity of the Industrial style are reflected in the rudimentary frames (Source: Collectibles).

The characteristic of a factory of the twentieth century is the rough red-brown brick walls or the rustic wooden walls. In addition, the square and rough iron frames are also part of Western European factories. Inheriting these characteristics, the industrial style in modern times still retains the most basic points, which are rudimentary brick walls, iron frames, and yellow lights, all of which have created a simulated factory space with Simplicity but no less subtle, and attractive.

The layout of windows and lighting.

Lighting has always been an important element in most residential designs. In the design of the 21st century, people often prefer natural light, not fussy, and abuse colored light sources. However, with the Industrial style, to represent a simulated factory, the architects kept the soul of the factory by using a light source with deep and dark tones. Besides, the use of light bulbs is a recognizable feature of the Industrial interior style. Designing large windows to take advantage of natural and healthy light sources is also one of the points people are interested in.

The living room is designed to catch natural light (Source: Collectibles).

The space layout is simple and minimal.

The layout of the space is simple and minimal. One of the reasons why the Industrial interior design style has received so much attention today is because of its uniqueness, seemingly simple but meaningful design. Not only that, because the colors of the industrial style are dark colors and the furniture and pieces are very strong, you don't need to use too many fancy things that will easily create a feeling of confusion, just Highlighting some decorations of the apartment is okay.

The space is streamlined with simple furniture products (Source: Collectibles).

Use industrial-style furniture.

Industrial style is a style that simulates a European factory, so the furniture used in this style is also often used in dark, dark tones. Metallic materials are also painted black to create strength and personality. In addition, in industrial design, leather upholstery is often used such as stools, or sofas, etc.

The interior of this style is required to be as minimal as possible, trees can also decorate a little to optimize the living space in the best way.


As mentioned above, with the style of simulating a European factory of the twentieth century, so the colors will usually be dark and dark colors such as black, brown, gray, and orange. However, in a few recent designs, SmartDecor's architects often break the way by adding striking colors such as white, blue Navy, and wood to make the space both personal and unique

Interior products in dark tones (Source: Collectibles).

But even then, this is also a minimalist style, we should not abuse the color change too much because it can confuse the eyes and lose the unique quality of this style.


The main materials used in the industrial style (Industrial) are usually bricks, tiles, iron, and wood. These are the main materials, highlighting the natural beauty and personality of the industrial style.

The living room space is adorned with classic bricks (Source: Collectibles).

In addition, leather and plants are also of materials that many people love and use.

Design emphasis

The highlight is created from the contrast and creativity, you can flexibly choose the decoration items. For floor mats, if you choose dark colors, you can decorate items with bright colors a bit. Tables, chairs, and sofas will often be used in neutral colors, so it is easy to choose items to help highlight the living space.

Blending elements.

Industrial design in the 21st century has many innovations in both color and form. SmartDecor's young architects often transform and break this style by blending it with modern and classic elements.

For example, industrial lighting can be classic - lamps with frivolous nostalgic details or modern - with geometric designs, plain steel or veins. In addition, you can flexibly incorporate modern elements by using ceiling lights to highlight the beauty of the apartment. A single bright light bulb or a series of dim Edison bulbs is enough to show the sophistication of the apartment owner.

The living room space is mixed between Industrial style and Scandinavian style (Source: Collectibles).

If we think that peeling walls, rough bricks combined with a high-class leather sofa, a modern TV with a 4K screen is lame and not suitable, then with skillful hands. of the architects who designed them turns out to be quite impressive. It is these bold combinations that bring a completely different, personal, and impressive space to any admirer.

3. Why is the industrial style considered a strong design?

When learning about Industrial Style, it can be said that right from the name industrial architectural style has partly made people feel the strength in design. In fact, space according to Industrial Style has a bold personality and boldness because of the unique combination of ideas from the rudiments of the factory with modern features in furniture.

Industrial style workspace (Source: SmartDecor).

4. What SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be done by industrial architecture?

When designing interiors in Industrial style (Industrial), SmartDecor always advises and directs customers to base on the available standards of this style to develop according to their personality and preferences. In addition, you should refer to the available designs in advance to choose the most suitable Industrial style for yourself.

Creativity is necessary when designing, but being creative and innovative is sometimes a double-edged sword. SmartDecor believes that creativity has no limits in designs, but with Industrial style, we should limit it. Because if you want to innovate in design and mix many different styles with industrial, it will lose its original value. In addition, it will make the overall space of your home become more cluttered.

In order not to encounter such situations, you can contact SmartDecor to have our team of consultants and designers answer and orient the appropriate designs.

It can be seen that the designers introduced the IndustrialStyle by emphasizing the nostalgic and minimalist design, inspired by old European factories, which can be suitable for everyone. For more information about Scandinavian style and to apply your favorite design style to your life more effectively, please leave your information contact here or contact hotline 0911933938 so that the SmartDecor team can provide full support. To learn more about other interior design styles, you can check here.



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