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In the era of technology 4.0, home renovation and the use of modern and convenient furniture are on the trend of development. The current situation of tight land, a large population, and the need to own space with full facilities are increasing day by day.

In modern times, the desire to beautify the living space of customers is always available, that's why displaying and choosing the right products is a problem that many customers find SmartDecor. To have a satisfactory and comfortable space but at a reasonable price is the problem that SmarDecor always wants to be able to help customers get the best solution. To answer questions and issues about space and convenience, let's learn about the most impressive smart product design and consulting services in 2022 at SmartDecor.

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  1. What is Smart Furniture?
  2. Service packages of SmartDecor
  3. The details of construction items
    3.1  Construction of the rough part
    3.2  Electrical construction
    3.3  Construction of the water part
    3.4  Construction of plaster
    3.5  Construction of wood
    3.6  Completion of construction
  4. Price details
    4.1  Design cost price
    4.2  Construction cost price
    4.3  Tailored furniture
  5. Product/service policies at SmartDecor
  6. Ordering process of SmartDecor
  7. Some projects of SmartDecor

Hope you will get the most optimal and perfect solutions for your small home.

1. What is Smart Furniture?

Before going to the optimal solutions for our home space, we will learn about what is furniture? And what little does smart furniture have for life?

When it comes to furniture, most people will think that they are high-class, expensive items and only those who love luxury can use them. Furniture is simply understood as items such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, bookshelves, beds, ... arranged in a residential space to serve the living needs of themselves and their families. However, with today's development, furniture is mainly about intelligence, convenience and making the house more harmonious.

So, what is the use of smart furniture for life?

A simple way for customers to have an overview of interior decoration is to help improve their quality of life. A cozy space with full of smart furniture will help homeowners feel their living space becomes more beautiful and fully functional when used.

What is the effect of smart furniture?

With multi-purpose furniture, the house will become extremely spacious, helping customers solve the problem of lack of living space. When using smart furniture products, customers will feel that their apartment is enlarged.

Smart products will make it easy for you to clean your home and you will have more time to take care of yourself and your family. Multi-function appliances help your home space become minimalist, neat but still fully functional when used.

2. Service packages of SmartDecor

SmartDecor provides interior design and construction products and services from A to Z:

-  Support consulting furniture products suitable for living space according to the needs and lifestyle of customers.

-  Interior design from raw space to basic finishing.

-  Design and construction, manufacture tailor-made furniture on demand: wardrobe, TV cabinet, bookshelf, table, chair, ...

3. The details of construction items

3.1  Construction of the rough part

Rough construction is the most important stage for the construction contractor because it concerns the surface structure of the house/apartment. That is why choosing an interior design company is very important. The rough construction will include dismantling, construction and tiling and will affect the structure of the house/apartment. However, with long-term experience in rough construction from high-class apartments, to shophouses or villas, townhouses, SmartDecor confidently commits to customers with the highest quality and efficiency.

SmartDecor is proud to be a strategic partner for large enterprises, specializing in the construction of projects such as Empire City, SaLa Urban Area, Vinhome Grand Park etc. Besides, we are also a recognized partner. High trust in the furniture market for the value that SmartDecor has given to hundreds of customers through commercial and residential projects in Ho Chi Minh City.

3.2  Electrical construction

To ensure that the structure of the house is not affected during the construction process, the assurance of electrical safety as well as the quality of materials used in association with the structure of the building is always meticulously selected and paid great attention to. . Construction and civil electrical systems are always designed by SmartDecor's engineers with many years of experience in smart design and layout, ensuring convenience, reasonableness in both quality and cost, and especially Extremely durable over time.

SmartDecor is an interior construction unit, including works including electrical system services for apartments, townhouses, and villas,... With a team of highly skilled professionals, SmartDecor is committed to always bringing customers absolute quality and safety at a reasonable price.

3.3  Construction of the water part

Design, layout,,, and implementation of engineering construction of water systems is one of the keys to increasing the durability in the construction of office, residential and other projects. Understand customers' concerns about the quality and safety of use. SmartDecor always clearly states the construction items so that customers can grasp the status of the project and consult customers to find the most optimal solution. SmartDecor's electrical and water works include:

  • Install the water and electricity system according to the schematic drawings.
  • Get new installation for water and electricity.
  • Drainage system.
  • Sanitation and water treatment systems.
  • Fire protection system.

3.4  Construction of plaster

In today's home interiors, the use of plaster to cover the ceiling is always an option for customers who like novelty and lively living space.

Gypsum ceiling (also known as false ceiling) is the second layer of the ceiling, located under the original ceiling, not only brings high aesthetics to the space, but it also possesses outstanding advantages that many types of materials have. Other common materials are not available such as heatproof, soundproof, fireproof... Gypsum ceiling is composed of a combination of layers of materials including: gypsum skeleton, gypsum board, paint and other materials. related auxiliary materials.

At SmartDecor, the team of experts will take care from A to Z, from consulting on plaster designs suitable for family space. Detailed advice on costs and costs when constructing plaster for customers to grasp. In addition, SmartDecor is always committed to absolutely guaranteeing the structure of the house during the construction of the plaster ceiling.

3.5  Construction of wood

For a long time, wood has always been a material favored by Vietnamese people. However, because the amount of natural wood today is very limited, users gradually turn to industrial wood. The use of industrial wood is more and more popular and the processing of industrial wood is also very different from natural wood. Of course, industrial wood will definitely not have the same quality as natural wood.

Natural wood or industrial wood? Where is the best option? Both types of wood have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's explore with Smartdecor what functions they have:

 Natural wood is wood harvested from perennial forest trees. Depending on the characteristics of each type of tree, the quality, color, and grain of the wood will vary.


  • High durability: it is estimated that precious woods have a durability of several decades.
  • Waterproof, scratch-resistant: less affected by water or impact.
  • Meticulous design, unique: outstanding with the ability to shape. Impressive images, show the luxury and sophistication of the owner.


  • High cost: rare woods can cost from a few tens to several hundred million.
  • Easy to warp: If the product is not handled carefully, it will affect the surface and easily crack.

Industrial wood is industrial wood that is used to glue wood chips into a wood panel, popular such as: MDF, MFC, PB, ...


  • Affordable price: The price is average, suitable for the "pocket" of many people.
  • The ability to resist waterproofing, warping, scratches, termites: in the adhesive composition, manufacturers often integrate the above capabilities.
  • Modern design: diverse models, colors easily match many interior styles.


  • Durability: although less durable than natural wood, it is suitable for modern people who like to change space.
  • Easy to deform: poor quality products are often not properly painted, easily scratched and warped.

Have you chosen the right wood for your space?

Visit the website: to see more ways to arrange wooden furniture at SmartDecor's house.

3.6  Completion of construction

Completing the construction work is something that any contractor is eager to do when implementing a project. This is when the work of creating beauty and adding value to the quality of life of the client is completed.

The construction completion process of SmartDecor team includes the following steps:

  • Completing the construction of the rough part
  • Completion of electricity and water construction
  • Complete interior decoration
  • Cleaning for the apartment
  • Acceptance of project quality
  • Get customers' opinions on the quality of finished products
  • Handing over the completed project to the owner

4. Price details

4.1  Design cost price

Design cost by area:

  • Interior design of living room area 20m2 - 25m2 for only 6,000,000 VND
  • Interior design dining area 15m2 - 20m2 for only 5,000,000 VND
  • Interior design bedroom area 12m2 - 15m2 for only 3,750,000 VND

Package design cost:

  • Package design cost for luxury apartment 250,000 VND/m2
  • Package design cost for townhouse 300,000 VND/m2

4.2  Construction cost price

Construction cost by area:

  • Construction cost by living room area 20m2 - 25m2 for only 90,000,000 VND
  • Construction cost by dining area 15m2 - 20m2 for only 75,000,000 VND
  • Construction cost by bedroom area 12m2 - 15m2 for only 55,000,000 VND

Full construction cost:

  • Construction cost to complete a 2-bedroom luxury apartment with an area of ​​70m2 from only VND 210,000,000
  • Construction cost to complete 120m2 townhouse with the price from only 480,000,000 VND

4.3  Tailored furniture

In addition to interior design - competition, SmartDecor also has its own factory to meet the needs of manufacturing tailor-made furniture products such as tables, chairs, cabinets, sofas, ... according to the size that customers want. would like. Both meet aesthetic needs, product quality and optimize costs for customers. For details on the price of tailor-made furniture, please contact SmartDecor immediately for advice and quotation.

5. Product/service policies at SmartDecor

When you purchase and use services provided by SmartDecor, we commit to product value through product exchange, warranty and shipping policies, in order to serve and ensure the interests of users. use. Detailed information about SmartDecor's policies can be found here.

6. Ordering process of SmartDecor

The ordering process at Smartdecor includes simple steps:

- Step 1: Call to book a consultation

- Step 2: Staff will come to survey the house

- Step 3: Design the model according to the customer's request

- Step 4: make detailed drawings

- Step 5: execute the project

- Step 6: 24/7 customer support

7. Some projects of SmartDecor

Hung Phu Premium townhouse project

-  Scale 200m2

-  Type: Villa

-  Production and construction items: stick facade glass walls, sliding doors, revolving doors, sliding windows, pop-up windows

Illustration of living room and kitchen of Hung Phu Premium villa project (Source: SmartDecor)

High-class apartment project Saigon South Residence 2 Bedrooms

-  Scale 70m2

-  Type: apartment

-  Production & construction items: Perforated floors, full floor tiles, plaster ceilings, electrical systems, water, paint, separate furniture

Illustration image of Saigon South Residence 2 bedroom luxury apartment space (Source: SmartDecor)

Shophouse project The Sun Avenue

-   Scale: 60m2

-   Type: Shophouse

-   Production and construction items: Ceiling - wall - floor construction, interior design and installation, electrical and water system.

Illustration of ShopHouse The Sun Avenue project (Source: SmartDecor)


Hopefully after this article, you will have more necessary information about furniture. If you are wondering which unit can design your apartment according to the interior style that brings the most satisfaction, please contact us today for specific advice. SmartDecor is committed to bringing you value from the best design products to outstanding service quality. You can contact immediately via Hotline 0911.933.938 or leave information here. To learn about other information, please visit the news page to see more.


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