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Sometimes monotonous colors will make your home boring and boring. To make the living space more flavorful, instead of preferring a safe style like modern, why don't you try to break the way with the Color Block design style. This is a developing design and is chosen by many people because it brings freshness and creates a personality with a bit of rebelliousness, very unique to the owner. In today's article, let's explore more about Color Block interior design style with SmartDecor to better understand the outstanding features and unique features of this Style.

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  1. What is Color Block interior style?
  2. Outstanding features in Color Block interior style.

       2.1. Color break in Color Block style.

       2.2. Rules to remember when applying Color Block.

  • Clearly divide each area.
  • Apply colors from straight lines.
  • Unique color combinations.
  • Create blocks for space.
  • Applying the Monochrome trend
  1. Advantages of Color Block style in interior design.
  2. What spaces is the Color Block style suitable for?

1. What is Color Block interior style?

Compared to other interior styles, the Color Block style was born later and only appeared about a decade ago. Color Block originates from the fashion field, in order to keep up with modern trends and lifestyles, designers have flexibly applied vibrant colors to interior design, creating novelty for the space. living. Although still new, this style has created an impressive effect, blowing a new wind into architectural art.

Simply put, this is a design trend that combines 2 or more color blocks in the same space or on the same item. Usually, blocks of similar or opposite colors will be used to create accents that support each other to create a highlight. Unique wall painting style, combining two contrasting colors or dark shades of tone are ways to create an impressive layout for the room space.

The image of the room is decorated in the style of Color Block (Source: Collectibles).

This style is considered a unique and novel choice to create a house full of art, highlighting the distinct personality of the owner.

2. Outstanding features in Color Block interior style.

The characteristic of the Color Block style is that it often uses contrasting color blocks, Using neutral background colors helps the house become more aggressive and disruptive.

 2.1 Color break in Color Block style.

No longer monotonous and safe like other design styles, Color Block's style houses step out of the norm, turning ordinary and tasteless colors into high art. Freedom, spontaneity, rebellion, and living to the fullest are the spirit and attitudes that these design spaces bring. If Scandinavian, Modern, Industrial, ...   prefer neutral, gentle colors that bring harmony, Color Block often uses colorful and outstanding colors such as the evaluated Neon color tones. is hard to put together and quite dazzling. However, with this unique creation, the colors are combined in contrasting pairs: white - red; white - bright yellow; red - blue; orange - black - blue, ... brings a surprising effect, bringing a feeling of both novelty and luxury, both bunker and personality.

2.2 Rules to remember when applying Color Block.

Although the combination is a bit rebellious, it is not possible to arbitrarily arrange the layout for the space, if it does, it will become confused and lose its art. Therefore, we easily realize that it also has certain rules and color combinations. With Color Block, it's easy to make a difference, but it's also easy to lose its inherent artistry if you don't know how to combine them. Specifically, this style is usually arranged in the following ways:

Clearly divide each area

This is a new style, if in other styles the element of color mixing is a factor for the house to become cozy and minimalist, in the strange Color Block, the color division is distinct. The division of outstanding and opposing colors into separate color arrays creates a colorful, strong, and attractive space.

Combining and dividing each color array accordingly is also an art that designers always have a headache. Every combination will create a space, a personality, and a highlight. For example, color: White - red will create a Color Block house that brings personality mixed with calmness and elegance. On the contrary, the combination of white and blue brings a feeling of freshness and nature. Therefore, every combination has the unique and hidden personality of each homeowner.

With this style, your creativity is unlimited. You can mix many colors together. Each combination gives a unique highlight, you can also arrange the colors in the shape you want to further emphasize your personality.

Apply colors from straight lines

The colors used in a Color Block interior style house are quite diverse. They do not mix with each other but are divided into separate arrays by straight lines. These straight lines have a great effect in expressing the strength and decisiveness of contrasting colors. This design style does not favor soft, gentle curves because they reduce the personality of the space in the Color Block style home decoration.

Unique color combinations.

Use accent colors: Using accent colors for walls is the simplest way to breathe new life into an interior space. Youthful and fun colors such as yellow, green, orange, and pink ... are often chosen by many families, especially these colors are often chosen to decorate private room spaces for children.

Combination of hot and cold colors: hot and cold colors are often used by homeowners with strong personalities. The contrast of contrasting colors will enhance the strong personality, showing the assertiveness and resilience of the owner.

The dip painting technique is a technique of combining dark and light colors alternately. Simply dividing the wall into different sections and randomly combining two bold and light paint colors can also create a more refined and bright space.

Alteration with alternating dark-light tones: you can use one main color for the whole room and use different dark and light shades for the items so that the room is not boring. In addition, you should also pay attention to materials, the variety of materials will contribute to making the main color not too boring in these interior designs.

The image illustrates the room space using hot and cold colors in the style of Color Block (Source: Collectibles).

Create a space block:

Blocking space is a technique that helps space and color patches become more vibrant and prominent. If you divide the color array by straight lines, it will create a strong and assertive feeling. Then with the way of creating blocks for the color arrays, the house will become brilliant and fancy.

Monochrome Trends.

The Monochrome trend is a design that uses monochromatic colors but in many color combinations. It sounds counterintuitive and lackluster, but it gives the perfect effect. You can apply this monochrome trend to the color blocks of the Color Block style in the interior. With these color schemes, Color Block is no longer a bunker and rebellious style, it becomes more harmonious and pleasant. Suitable for people with a personality that is not too personal but likes novelty.

3. Advantages of Color Block style in interior design. 

Certainly, the Color Block style will not be as luxurious and noble as the Modern or Scandinavian styles, but this style brings a difference and novelty to the owner. Color Block, enhances ego, personality, and rebellion through each outstanding color array. It is not constrained to any color or shape standards, but it helps homeowners freely express themselves through monochromatic or multi-colored arrays. At first glance, those inanimate colors are really dry, but through the combination with furniture and logical arrangement, it will become unique and attract everyone's attention.

If you are a person who likes personality, want to express your ego but don't know how. Do not hesitate to try the novelty of Color Block.

Moreover, the vibrant colors also make people's moods full of positive energy, directing the soul to happy things. Why should life always be so sad, be happy because life is to enjoy? Using Color Block style for the house will bring fun and fresh things to your family. They will also never be out of date because of their creativity that transcends space, and time and overcomes barriers of limits.

Illustration of room space in Color Block style (Source: Collectibles).

4. What space is the Color Block style suitable for?

With pitiful and a bit rebellious, Color Block is only suitable for those who like novelty and have a strong personality. Therefore, this style is quite picky, and the space for this style is also quite picky. This style is often applied in spaces such as Creative Studio; offices for fashion, architecture, cinema, ... or some houses of young people with strong personalities.

However, with the development of the digital age, people gradually step out of the safe shell of themselves and the times. Aesthetic standards are broken by the breaking and novelty, people are ready to accept the new and express their own personalities. That's why Color Block is gradually becoming a new trend in the youth community today. Sometimes you will see houses with spaces covered with striking colors in this style in a busy modern city, or sometimes renovated homestays mixed with Color Block style located away from the splendor of the city. A great choice to get away from the glitzy city and enjoy life in your own way.

With the above information, SmartDecor hopes to bring you useful knowledge as well as inspiration for readers. To learn more about interior design styles or need advice on suitable living space, please contact SmartDecor via hotline 0911.933.938 or leave contact information right below this article so we can specific support, advice, and quotes for you. See you in other reference articles on the Blog page.



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