One-door Wardrobe SD-T073

Product Type: WARDROBE
Trademark: Smart Decor
Status: Stocking
  • Product Code : SD-T073
  • Color : White - Gray
  • Material: MDF/MDF
  • Reference size : 1800 x 600 x 600

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Product name:One-door Wardrobe SD-T073

If you are looking for one that has a subtle color, is compact and saves space, then the SD-T073 1-door wardrobe is the product for you.

The detailed information of the product:

  • SKU: SD-T073
  • Color: White - Gray
  • Material: MDF/MFC industrial wood
  • Reference size: 1800 x 600 x 600
  • The product has legs: easy to adjust, helping the cabinet stand easily on the floor.
  • The product includes: 1 clothes hanger and 2 adjustable shelves, so you can store / hang things easily without wrinkles.
  • The product has a drawer: separate, helping to keep some small items such as socks, ties, ... not lost.
  • How to clean:  If the cabinet surface is dirty, wipe it with a cloth moistened with a mild detergent or dry it with a clean cloth.

Material details:

  • Top cabinet top: made of chipboard, honeycomb structure paper (100% recycled), fiberboard, surface covered with PU coating.
  • Sideboard: made from fiberboard, particle board, honeycomb structure paper (100% recycled), fiberboard, plastic foil and plastic border.
  • Cabinet bottom: heat-rolled according to the process: chipboard, honeycomb structure paper (100% recycled), fiberboard, plastic border, surface covered with PU paint
  • Cabinet doors made by structure: chipboard, high-grade PU coating.
  • Back side: High quality MFC plywood.

Sustainability and environmental protection:

By using fiberboard with a chipboard frame and honeycomb paper as the materials for this product, we use less wood per product. We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That's why by 2030, we want all the ingredients in our products to be recycled or renewable and sourced in responsible ways.

SD-T073 1-wing wardrobe is a suitable product for any space, even if it is a small space. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately to own this product.

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