Interior design trends 2021 - Indochine style

1. What is Indochine style?

If you ever wondered what  Indochine style  is, in French it refers to the countries of the Indochinese peninsula (also known as the Sino-Indian peninsula) including: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia.
This is the perfect combination between the two Eastern and Western cultures, namely the two great cultures of mankind: China and India.

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Interior design is a blend of modern and classic
In Vietnam, the Indochinese style in interior design is heavily influenced by Chinese culture due to 1000 years of domination, while Laos and Cambodia are influenced by India. With a creative combination style, it has created a Indochine style  with high aesthetics, expressing the cultural quintessence of the two world regions along with the identity and rich history.
Anyone will be attracted by the rustic, rustic features with the most minimalist equipment when beds, counters, etc. replace tables and chairs. In addition, the combination of modern beauty, and French style modern European interior innovation is tropicalized by the local identity, suitable for the climate. In this style has an unsurpassed aesthetic. same high.

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Indochine style brings quiet and unique beauty
Both styles are both contrasting and opposite to create attraction but also complement each other's beauty, this is one of the most impressive French "modern luxury" interior styles.
Indochinese style in interior design was initially served for the bourgeoisie and small-town people, but later it was selected with details showing the national identity of Vietnam. Simple, sophisticated but still ensuring full facilities in modern life to bring comfort and convenience to users.
In addition to aesthetics, Indochinese style furniture also skillfully meets the living needs of Vietnamese people from the use of colors, the use of materials and decorative tools, etc. Therefore, beautiful  70m2 apartments  are often designed in this style.
To better understand the characteristics of Indochinese interior style as well as the use of colors, product shapes and decorations, ..then refer below.

2. Characteristics of Indochine style

2.1. Main colors in Indochine interior style

Neutral colors are used for the entire interior of Indochine design style, including: light yellow, cream yellow, white, creating a comfortable feeling suitable for the tropical climate in Vietnam.
In addition, the interior space of Indochina is also equipped with wooden, bamboo, rattan, ... Asian-style furniture and brings closeness and intimacy to everyone. It can be said that the Indochinese style is quite similar to the country style in fashion shop interior design with warm tones.

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A splash of neutral colors is used throughout the Indochine style
Besides, there are also some spaces that use warm, humid tropical colors to create a strong impression such as yellow-orange, purple, red, etc.

2.2. Material used

2.2.1. Wood material

Wood material brings elegance and class, so it is very popular and used in many different styles. Typically, in the office interior design in Ho Chi Minh City, the director's office is often placed with a wooden table to increase the power of the room. For more details, you can see more of our article about  construction of office furniture .
In addition, with its soft, durable properties, wood is also used as materials in many projects such as door systems, floor tiles, ceilings, structural frames and roof consoles, decorative details such as: reliefs, round statues,…

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Wood, bamboo are often used in Indochine style

2.2.2. Bamboo material

Due to its good resistance to termites and termites, it is suitable for the climate along with high durability, so bamboo is used a lot in Indochinese design style to make decorations, equipment, partitions, etc. to create beautiful, soft images.

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Using bamboo as creative decorative items in Indochine style

2.2.3. Brick material

In Indochinese interior style, cement tiles and fired bricks are often used for flooring, creating a luxurious but equally sophisticated beauty for the space.


Types of bricks help bring an impressive look to the house (Image source: Housedesign)

2.3. Patterns used

Patterns appear from the Dong Son period with simple stylized period lines from flowers and leaves. With a delicate and meticulous expression to the Annam period, the motifs are synthesized and stylized from other images such as rectangles, zebras, still lifes, flowers,... Vietnam and very artistic expression.
Nowadays, patterns have become typical symbols of Indochinese style in interior design and create their own unique qualities when applied to details such as floors, walls, ceilings, decorative items. decoration, partitions, interior equipment, etc.


Patterns combined with the interior and checkered brick background flexibly used
Still life textures
Includes fruit and bowl buu. In particular, the fruit consists of the texture of the fruit and two stylized dragons at the ends of the roof corner, you can see this motif on the roof of the pagoda. The common set of bowls includes a gourd, a fan, a sword, a book, a guitar, a pen, a blow ceiling, a star tree, etc.

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The painting is the highlight of the space

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Still life motifs contribute to the beauty of interior design Indochine style

Textures of flowers, leaves, and fruit

This motif can be a picture of flowers, plants to make the scene more beautiful or it can be a pot of indoor plants.



Decorative items with beautiful and outstanding floral motifs
Animal motifs
This motif will use animals that bring luck according to the Vietnamese concept, usually these motifs do not stand alone but are combined with motifs of the period, letters, and texts. In particular, the motifs of the Four Spirits: Long-Lan-Quy-Phung are used the most, in addition, there are tigers, lions, bats, fish, etc.



Decorated with animals in Indochinese style (Image source: Housedesign)

2.4. Furniture

In "Indochina interior design" there are equipment such as mahogany, counters, screens that symbolize the impact of local nuances and culture on the French way of life.


Beautiful furniture combined with sophistication in Indochine design
With detailed information about Indochine style will help you choose the right interior design style. If you want to know more details or need any advice on office interior design quote and other works, please contact Smart Decor for quick advice and support.
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