Interior design trends 2021 - Industrial style

1. What is Industrial Style ?

Industrial style is also known as industrial architectural style. It sounds a bit dry, but it shows a strong and liberal spirit in another aspect of life. Because of that, although not as aristocratic as Art Decor, elegant like Vintage, sophisticated like Scandinavian, Industrial has a distinct color that attracts people with strong personalities. Let's go with Smart Decor to learn about this unique design.

Căn hộ cao cấp industrial


Industrial style symbolizes strong, healthy but full of sophistication
The architects decided to recreate the previously flourishing buildings, they take advantage of what is available and at the same time bring equipment for living in to create a modern, sophisticated but equally elegant space. unique part, break the way.
Since then, the  industrial interior design style  has been constantly developed and perfected with unique and novel ideas but still retains the basic characteristics of the style.
Thereby, it can be said that industrial interior style is about simplicity, rudimentary and returning to the basics. If other design styles try to hide the rustic flaws, the Industrial style encourages it, it removes the cumbersome, extravagant things and only distills what is pure and necessary. for living space.

2. Features of industrial style – Industrial

2.1. Home wall design and decoration

The main feature to identify the Industrial style is the rough walls, natural wood-clad walls, or polished concrete walls, etc., all have created a simulated factory space with simplicity but no less sophisticated, attractive.

Căn hộ cao cấp industrial


Rough walls create a special attraction for the apartment

Căn hộ cao cấp industrial


The combination of dark and iron tones in the interior products creates the main highlight showing strong personality in industrial style.


In addition, when looking at these walls, people will feel the familiarity, closeness, a bit of classical and very high artistic value.

2.2. Layout of windows and lighting

Light is a very important element in industrial style decoration, the main color used for the space and furniture of this style is deep and dark tones so light is extremely important if there is a lack of light. Light the room will become very dark.
Besides, the use of light bulbs is a recognizable feature of the Industrial interior style. Designing large windows to take advantage of natural and healthy light sources is also one of the points people are interested in.
Căn hộ cao cấp industrial


Lighting is an important element in interior design of houses. Take advantage of the light source to help protect the health of your family.

2.3. Simple and minimal space layout

One of the reasons that the Industrial interior design style has received so much attention today is due to its uniqueness, seemingly simple design but full of implications. This design style requires a large amount of floor space and little furniture for the room.
Not only that, because the industrial style colors are dark and the furniture and pieces are very strong, you only need to highlight some of the decorations of the apartment.

Căn hộ cao cấp industrial


Interior design to save space for small houses. Interior design is simple but full of industrial style

2.4. Use industrial style furniture

Furniture is often used in dark, dark tones. Metallic materials are also painted black to create a strong look. In addition, in industrial design, leather upholstery is often used such as stools, or sofas, etc.
The interior of this style is required to be as minimal as possible, trees can also decorate a little to optimize the living space in the best way. Furniture with dark, dark tones creates an attractive look for the space

Phong cách nội thất industrial

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Using materials designed exquisite interior, aesthetic.

2.5. Stair design


The staircase is probably and the most common thing people see in the Industrial style, it is used to connect the loft and the lower floor. Usually stairs are made of wood or metal, then covered with black paint and the stairs are often roughened to avoid slippery and sliding when moving.


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Stairs are made of anti-slip wood material

2.6. Color in design


Some of the popular colors in industrial design include white, gray, navy, black and dark brown wood. You can also change the color shades to warm up a bit, but don't overdo it if you don't want to lose the inherent beauty of this style.


Dark tones contribute to the classic beauty of the room. When designing the interior, you can flexibly change the color shades, but you should not abuse it.

2.7. Blending modern elements

Industrial style decorative lights can be classic – lamps with nostalgic vanity details or modern – with geometric designs, plain steel or veins.
You can flexibly incorporate modern elements by using ceiling lights to highlight the beauty of the apartment. A single bright light bulb or a series of dim Edison bulbs is enough to show the sophistication of the apartment owner. Use a flexible combination of modern elements in the design of the apartment.

2.8. Design highlights

The highlight is created from the contrast and creativity, you can flexibly choose the decorative items. For floor mats, if you choose a dark color, you can decorate the items with a little bit of bright colors.


3. Some notes in Industrial interior style

To design a reasonable industrial style, you need to rely on the standards mentioned above, besides you should also refer to different designs to get the perfect idea for your living space.
One thing you should keep in mind is that the industrial interior style is as minimal as possible and should not be overused in color.


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