Not everyone owns a spacious and comfortable living space for themselves and their families. So how to own a small space but still fully equipped and space for the family to live? Here are some TIPs to help make your space lean and comfortable that SmartDecor has put together to help you get the information you need.

  1. Matching style
  2. Using smart furniture products
  3. Make the best use of space
  4. Arrange and arrange accordingly
  5. Mini kitchen helps to limit the use of space

1. Matching style

The first step to having a dream home with full amenities and comfortable living space is to choose a style you love but still have to be suitable for the small space of the house.

According to modern trends and trends, when many styles have been imported from the East and West into Vietnam, there are many styles for homeowners to consider. However, to suit small spaces, not all styles can be used.

 Illustration of a 45m2 apartment with a modern and luxurious design (source: SmartDecor)

For example, with tropical, boho, modern - luxurious styles, these are styles with many sophisticated motifs, the interior dominates the style, so it will make the small space become cramped. narrow and constrained.

Instead, choosing styles such as minimalism, Scandinavian or modern will help the house in light, cozy and save more living space.

The project's illustration is designed in a modern, minimalist style (source: SmartDecor)

2. Using smart furniture products

The most important thing in interior design is choosing the right furniture for the home space. Here are some smart products that help homeowners save living space:

Optimizing living room space with a simple sofa.

The living room is optimized with a 2-seater sofa and a round or rectangular table. The use of a simple sofa set with bright colors will make the space less suffocating.

Photo of the living room decorated with a compact and delicate 2-seat ice sofa (Source: collectibles)

The kitchen is neatly arranged with multi-function kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen area is probably the space that will occupy the most time for the woman in the family. To have a kitchen space suitable for small spaces, the best thing to do is to use a multi-purpose kitchen cabinet system with spice drawers on top with a combination of stainless steel shelves that pull in and out easily. and block suction pipe minimizes odors. Below is a kitchen drawer for utensils, pots and pans, combined with a dishwasher, which is mounted on the wall in the kitchen cabinet system. On the kitchen counter surface, gold-plated stainless steel shelves are used that are both delicate and luxurious, saving space and economy.

The kitchen is designed in a minimalist style with outstanding white tones (Source: collectibles)

Make the most of the free space in the bedroom.

Small house space, obviously, the bedroom space for the family is also very limited. Therefore, the use of a 4-legged bed is not advisable. In this case, preference should be given to the use of a wooden bed frame. Above the mattress to lie down, below are the drawers that can be pulled out to store items, blankets and pillows when sleeping.

Illustration of a smart bed with drawers (Source: Collectibles)

In addition, using a built-in wardrobe is also a great choice to optimize room space.

Bedroom with space-saving wall cabinet design (Source: SmartDecor)

A study table or desk that can be folded or opened or compactis also a smart choice to make the bedroom more neat and airy..

Study table with compact area (Source: Collectibles)

3. Make the best use of space

When designing interiors for small spaces, customers will often pay more attention to furniture and paint colors than the walls. Therefore, after each design, often spaces such as walls will be very empty and lack of color. In this case, the homeowners should quickly print their favorite family photos, landscape photos or small photos, then arrange them neatly on the simple walls to create space. The space is a gentle warmth but very delicate and beautiful.

Illustration of a wall with decor, family pictures (Source: SmartDecor)

4. Arrange and arrange accordingly

Some suitable arrangements will help the small apartment space become more airy and save space:

  • Creative design of wooden boxes
  • Use a folding table for your inherently small room
  • Combination of bed, chair and bookcase
  • Design seat with rear pocket
  • Tables and chairs stacked together

Illustration of the kitchen space (Source: SmartDecor)

5. Mini kitchen helps limit space occupation

If you have a very narrow space and do not have much space to live, this mini kitchen model is very useful for you.

Mini kitchen saves kitchen space (Source: Collectibles)

All utensils and equipment are stacked very reasonably and save space. With this model you can easily move anywhere in the room without any obstacles.

With the above useful information, SmartDecor hopes that readers have had more useful information about saving space for the family. For more useful information and free consultation, please contact hotline 0911 933 938 and Inbox SmartDecor Studio  Fanpage.




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