Should or should not design the interior?


"Should I design an interior?" Maybe it's a hot issue lately.Because it plays a very important role in your home, it can help you save space while still ensuring full utilities for the house. your.

"Actually, there's still a lot of controversy surrounding whether to design or not? and most of those thoughts stem from the fact that people think interior design is very simple, and therefore not Professional architects are required.

Today's article will help you understand what interior design is and have a more objective view of interior design.


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  1. What is Interior Design?
  2. Outstanding interior design styles
  3. Modern design trends
  4. Why should you design an interior?
  5. Common problems with interior design.


1. What is Interior Design?

        Interior design is not simply the use of furniture products, but it is a matter of how we use those products, arrange, arrange and combine them together to become the most harmonious.

Illustration (Source: SmartDecor)

In a nutshell, interior design is something that architects have to intentionally rearrange the house, making the space neater, more aesthetically pleasing, and more convenient for the house. Along with that is a harmonious combination of materials, colors, light, art, technology, and natural environmental conditions.

All these factors create a perfect home and a lively living space for your family.

2. Outstanding design styles.

Modern style.

First of all, it is impossible not to mention the modern interior design style (Modern style) with full functions and convenience, smart furniture products, and optimizing living space for you.

Project illustration (Source: SmartDecor)

Minimalist style.

Illustration (Source: SmartDecor)

Minimalism, also known as minimalism, is usually neutral colors that do not use too much furniture but still bring a sense of completeness and comfort to your home. This style is becoming a trend to welcome the beginning of 2022. You can refer to some samples below.

Neoclassical style.

Illustration (Source: SmartDecor)

The style is a combination of antique design and modern interior products, bringing a feeling of nostalgia but still full of utilities and functions for the family.

Scandinavian Style

This is also a prominent style in 2021 and by the beginning of this year has not shown any signs of cooling down. In Scandinavian (Northern Europe), it brings a feeling of warmth, and the scent of herbs sometimes brings a feeling of coolness like being in the cold Nordic land.

Illustration (Source: SmartDecor)

Tropical Style

This is probably the most controversial style because it is often confused with the Scandinavian style.

Illustration (Source: SmartDecor)

However, with Tropical this is a tropical style, so it will use a lot of light-toned products, earth colors and trees are usually plants from the tropics (hot climate) such as ornamental bananas, ferns, and ornamental coconuts. , desk,...

In addition, the interior design is also very diverse with many designs in styles: Classic, Color Block, Japandi, Korean, Artist, Rustic, Maverick, Indochine,...

3. Modern design trends.

The first half of 2022 is the golden time for the economy to recover, so it is obvious that interior design tends to increase. According to SmartDecor's research, in the first half of 2022, everyone wants everything to be simple and optimal. Therefore, Modern and Minimalism are the two styles that are loved by many architects and contractors

Illustration (Source: SmartDecor)

4. Why should interior design?

To answer this question, SmartDecor would like to send you the advantages of Interior Design.

Interior design will help optimize functionality and save space. 
The first thing of course is being able to save living space. Most of today, many people choose apartments/apartments in big cities where they will live and stick around for a long time, so how to optimize the space but still have a fully furnished house? what people are always aiming for.

Illustration (Source: SmartDecor)

Therefore, interior design is the best solution in this case. With a luxury apartment with an average area of only 70m2, when designing the interior, the owner can imagine how his house will look when there is furniture, whether the color is suitable or not. Optimize any area to get the most spacious and airy space.

Make your home more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Not only need to be comfortable in our homes, but all of us also want the home and living space to be more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, to get the right images and imagination for their home, SmartDecor always encourages its customers to redesign their living space in 3D to have the most realistic view of the house and not the living space.

Illustration (Source: SmartDecor).

Design according to your style and taste.

This is probably what people want the most, living in a house with the decor and furniture we choose is one of the things that make us feel the happiest when we return home.

Cost savings.

Perhaps many people will say that this is very unreasonable because interior design cannot be saved. SmartDecor will explain why interior design does not cost as much as people imagine.

Firstly, if you do not design, you can still decorate your home space yourself. However, the aesthetics will not be high and the purchased products will not be able to combine. This will lead to the house looking cluttered.

Second, many people mistakenly believe that choosing and buying furniture products will be cheaper for contractors to buy. But that's not true, buying yourself will lead to you not knowing what you will need and what you are designing. This will make it easy for you to buy the wrong thing and buy excess, now when you find out what you need, it's missing, and the leftover product can't be used. Thus, you have spent a large amount of money but did not use it.

Third: When you design and have a construction contractor, you don't need to pay extra costs to hire people to build electricity, water, floors, or walls, ... but those items already have contractors to do for you.

5. Common problems when designing furniture yourself.

As shared above, if you design your own interior, you will encounter some of the following problems:

  • Estimated costs are likely to be inflated.
  • Aesthetics cannot be guaranteed.
  • Not in a certain style.
  • It is easy to have excess or lack of suitable furniture products for the house.


With this article, SmartDecor hopes you will have a more objective view of the interior design of your apartment/house in the future. You can contact SmartDecor Studio Fanpage for free advice on the style you want or directly contact the hotline: 0911.933.938 for immediate advice.



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