Shutter door SD-C001

Product Type: Leef Door
Trademark: Smart Decor
Status: Stocking
  • Product Code : SD-C001
  • Color: Full color
  • Material:  100% imported natural wood. Wood that has been treated and dried to meet standards such as: Poplar, Basswood, Paulownia, Mahogany, Ash, Oak...

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SmartDecor's shutter door product line is a smart door designed with many outstanding advantages: Bringing its own beauty - Optimizing light and air - Suitable for many design styles - Proximity close to nature.

Each wooden leaf is designed with an oval shape to optimize for getting wind and light when needed. Moreover, the turntable wooden leaf is what makes you most excited when the door will perform both opening and closing purposes. Open when needed for air convection as well as light and close to keep privacy to help you enjoy the maximum comfort in your home space.

In particular, SmartDecor's louvered doors are 100% made of natural wood, which brings good energy, keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer. Wooden louver doors blur the boundary between inside and outside space, helping you quickly regain the balance of emotions, and helping the spirit to become more comfortable and relaxed.


   - Air and light convection: Each leaf can be rotated 180 degrees to easily adjust the wind direction, natural light helps to ventilate the space, and regulates indoor and outdoor temperature but does not need to be fully opened. door set.

   - Easy to clean: Rotating the flip so that all the leaves form a flat surface to make the door easier to clean. Something that the old shutters or fabric curtains could hardly do.

   - Sturdy, sure: each leaf mounted on the door frame has made the door stronger and more solid than the pano door.

   - Create privacy when needed: unlike glass or other materials. The louver doors made of wood make it easy for the louver doors to have privacy when needed without having to make or combine any other products or materials.

  - Suitable for many design styles: many colors from classic to modern make the louver doors easy to incorporate into all designs.

  - The design will be simple and light: no need for too many other decorative items in the design but still make the space impressive and poetic.


Quality and sharpness are outstanding advantages of wooden louver doors from SmartDecor.

  - With nearly 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing wooden louver doors and is a direct manufacturer with professional and technical training from foreign experts.

  - The factory is invested in technology as well as specialized machinery to produce accurate revolving doors as well as to meet special and different requirements from design to color in the design of each project.

  - Doors are coated with anti-yellowing paint, suitable for climatic conditions.

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