Interior design trends 2021 - Modern style

1. What is the modern interior design style ?

What is modern furniture? Modern is a style with similarities in the arrangement of simple spatial shapes, the organization of the floor in the direction of freedom and asymmetry. Modern interior design style using new materials including concrete, glass, steel, etc. instead of old and classic materials.


What is the definition of design style modern furniture ?
Modern style interior design is a break with most elements of classical architecture, bringing a new way of thinking at the beginning of the twentieth century.

2. The birth of modern interior style

The birth of modern style in interior design is one of the great achievements of modern interior architecture. In 1851, the first architectural work marking a turning point in the development of modern architecture was "Crystal Palace" located in Hyde Park, London, England, designed by an architect. Joseph Paxton. In 1919, a group of architects in Europe (Bauhaus School, Germany) created  modern style interior design with key elements: focus on functionality, cleanliness, no-frills textures, tangled. Modern interior architecture makes your apartment simple and makes you feel more peaceful than ever.

3. Features of modern interior style

The characteristic of  modern interior style is used in design with sharp lines, simple color palette and the use of materials that can include metal, glass and steel. …create a luxurious space, without many details.

3.1. Color design in modern style


Compared with  interior design styles ,  modern furniture  offers simplicity in color. Neutral colors are often preferred for this style such as brown, beige, white, and black. And in modern style, architects will pay attention to the main interior color, emphasizing the shapes and lines of the interior of the apartment.


Modern interior design with luxurious neutral tones
However, you should also be flexible when using colors. Because  modern interior design style doesn't limit you to neutral colors, you can combine with bold colors. This gives your apartment a very dramatic and unique color vibe.


Bedroom with  modern design style with gentle neutral tones.
For modern style, choose many color systems such as: red, yellow, orange, etc. With different colors, you should choose a dominant and unified, harmonious color to build a space. your furniture.


Neutral tones – essential elements for modern interior design

3.2. Materials used in interior style

When choosing materials to use for modern interior styles, you should consider materials such as: glass, chrome, concrete, wood, etc. These materials are created from modern technologies that will be suitable for The style you are choosing, gives you a luxurious and high-class space.


Use space modern furniture of modern style


Wall array room is made of wood materials | Smart Decor

3.3. Space division: open space

The division of space for the apartment is essential when you design in a modern interior style. You can intentionally combine the kitchen and living room spaces together to help you have more space for other spaces.
Not being restrictive, not heavy in form, unifying the details together is a thing in the space of  modern style, open space.


Modern style space is not restrictive



Open space, help you work and relax better

3.4. Use modern furniture


Modern furniture can be a sophisticatedly designed product and is considered a form of art decoration to honor the beauty, luxury, wealth of the house, harmony between rooms. , reflecting the aesthetic taste and lifestyle of the homeowner.

The most attractive feature of  modern style  furniture is its simple lines, strong contrasting colors, and neatly arranged details. Besides, the surfaces of the interior are polished and arranged for each space in the most reasonable way.


High-class furniture of living room | Smart Decor


Interior space of the kitchen with full amenities | Smart Decor

3.5. How to arrange furniture?

Besides the issue of color, the furniture designed in  modern style  needs to pay attention to the arrangement of each space in the apartment, how to both stand out the interior and be in harmony with the overall.
One point that you should note is that it is absolutely not advisable to arrange the  luxury modern furniture  in a way that is too cramped because it will cause discomfort to the viewer.


The interior is neatly arranged between spaces | Smart Decor

3.6. Light in modern design

Light is considered an important element in modern interior design styles, especially natural light. To make the most of this light source, architects will often design more windows and arrange curtains so that light can shine through and brighten the room.
Lighting has the effect of creating a strong feeling and completing the aesthetic of your home. Natural light is the most important source of highlighting a room. The large door system helps maximize the light into the space.



The living room is fully supplied with natural light of modern interior architecture

3.7. Modern design with little use of textures

As mentioned above,  modern interior design  will usually be mostly simple. And the textures used for this style are the same, it is minimized the textures to match the characteristics of the modern style.


Textures are moderated in modern interior design but still exude elegance. The motifs are not hit hard in modern workspaces. The fewer textures, the more exalted the beauty of the interior. Modern Furniture.
If you are wondering which unit can design your apartment in the  modern interior style  that brings the most satisfaction, please contact  SmartDecor  today  for specific advice. We are committed to bringing you the best design and quality products available today.


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