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Currently, the needs of living are becoming more and more rich, diverse and high-class, that's why many homeowners are more interested in the quality of their family's life and care about the interior layout. for harmony and reasonableness. Therefore, to be able to build the most perfect house, choosing a style that suits your preferences is very important. So how many styles are there in interior design and which is the right style for your home? In the following article, SmartDecor will summarize for you the most popular and attractive interior design styles today for your reference.

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Maverick design style

Maverick design style is a style for those who love breaking, non-traditional with the way the room is designed into different pieces of space with unique mixed colors. You can combine deep tones such as black, white with arbitrary hot and cold colors such as blue, red, yellow, ... depending on your liking. However, in this style, it is still necessary to pay attention to the layout in space to avoid the lack of uniformity leading to confusion and lack of harmony. It is each different piece of space in the room that makes them stand out, when combined, they will create a unique, improvised whole that stimulates creativity.

Living room designed in Maverick style (source: collectibles)

Modern interior design style

Modern interior style is a style that is no longer strange to the association of people who love beauty and take care of the home. Although popular, but until now this style has not decreased, but on the contrary, more and more people love and use it.

Open space designed in a modern, luxurious style (source: collectibles)

Not as sophisticated as classic, not as colorful as maverick or not as gentle as Scandinavian, modern style follows simple design style, luxurious & elegant interior, light colors are easy to coordinate to help space Your home becomes exquisite.

Neoclassical design style

Originating from the architectural design in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, the neoclassical style brings simplicity and balance in a modern space while still keeping the elegant and aristocratic beauty of the style. classic way. Accordingly, sophisticated and complex details are omitted and replaced with softer and gentler pattern details. The main colors used still have a sense of nobility and luxury, but you can freely combine them with brown wood and add a few more prominent colors such as red, blue, ... Along with that, also need Note that the interior design layout ensures a symmetrical proportion, helping to increase the perfection of the space.

Illustration of the living room and dining area in a semi-classical style (source: SmartDecor)

Hitech interior style

It is the least popular style but also the most annoying style. Hi-tech interior style (also known as High Technology) focuses on the use of advanced technology equipment and modern angular design lines. Accordingly, the main materials include synthetic metal, stone, especially glass, combined with monochrome colors of black, white, and gray to create a comfortable living space that is extremely liberal and refined. economic.

Use of glass and metal is characteristic of Hitech style (source: internet)

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian interior design style first appeared in the 1940s and flourished in European countries in the 1950s. The starting point of this style is mainly using expensive natural materials. cheap. Since then, this style has been popular with many people and opened the premise for the development of Scandinavian style.

Simplicity, warmth and sophistication are the outstanding features of Scandinavian style. This is most evident through the neutral colors that bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the homeowner. It is thanks to this feature that the Nordic interior design style is very popular with beauty lovers.

Natural light and greenery are the features  of Scandinavian (source: Collectibles)

Natural materials such as wood, stone, and fur create a close and cozy space for homeowners. Besides, natural light is an indispensable factor when using a system of large windows, white frames combined with extremely poetic thin curtains.

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