Top 5 interior design trends in 2020


Are you looking to renovate your home   but are still wondering about choosing designs to make it unique but still bring your own personality? Don't ignore the 5 hottest interior design trends of 2020.

The art of "curves"

Curve designs are gradually gaining popularity again, whether we're talking upholstered or sculptural interiors. We have seen curved sofas or couches wrapped in elegant and elegant fabrics, giving a sense of glamor that can turn any plain space into a piece of furniture. more attractive design.

Curves have created furniture pieces shaped in a more modern way, by reinventing curvy designs inspired by the vintage vibe of the 60s. 2020 continues is a year of art "curves"

Terrazzo grinding stone tiles

Terrazzo tiles are still trending in 2020. Often used on floors and walls or in furniture and home accessories,. Terrazzo is currently one of the hottest trends, because of its versatility, durability and above all, its timeless elegance. Combined from many different stone grains such as quartz, granite, or even glass, with many colors, Terrazzo promises to be a trend that brings more personality to your home space.


Multicolored marble


Granite is a classic choice in interior design, and it is now absorbing a new influence far beyond the standard white and black colors. This material never goes out of fashion and has been improved to avoid cliché in the design, to create a more personal space by colored granite while maintaining a sense of luxury through quality.
Regardless of the color, multicolored granite claims to create a room full of boldness and appeal in every design.


    Velvet design will continue to be at the top in 2020. Because it feels and looks a lot more luxurious than other woven fabrics. Velvet is a smooth and elegant fabric that perfectly combines luxury and comfort. From furniture to home accessories, this trend brings endless possibilities to interior design, likening it to a large-scale game-changer when it comes to styling a home.
    The alluring power of velvet when combined with vibrant colors is sure to turn any design into a modern and trendy one.

    Earth color gamut


    These tones are all about pinks, dark and light chocolate browns, ocher, olive green, which are the dominant colors in homes. They have warm colors, mostly inspired by nature, that are replacing classic neutrals. By embracing nature and evoking a feeling of being closer to our green planet, earth tones will have a strong presence in 2020, giving designs an elegant touch.



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