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Modern style is one of the trends in favorite interior design in 2022. But before we start, let's SmartDecor learn about modern style interior design what is? What are the features of modern architectural style like? From there, you will have a better understanding and perspective to find a unique design style and choose for yourself a suitable lifestyle.

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  1. What is the modern interior design style?
  2. Features & notes of modern interior style.

1. What is the modern interior design style?

The modern architectural design style was formed in the 20s of the 20th century and is said to have originated from a group of European designers at the Bauhaus School (Germany) in 1919. Modern architecture modernism developed on the basis of modernism. It advocates breaking with tradition, creating innovation, attaching importance to functional and spatial organization, and focusing on the beauty of structural form and simple shape. Modernism opposes redundant decoration, favors a rational compositional process,  uses new materials including concrete, glass, and steel.... pays attention to textures and colors of materials, and emphasizes the connection between design and industrial production.

The image of the living room is designed in the style of modern interior architecture (Source: SmartDecor)

It can be said that the modern architectural style is very popular because no matter the size of the room, it must also pay attention to space, creating a feeling of spaciousness. in modern architectural design style, no interior decoration is required luxury, cumbersome and excessive layout. According to the development level of modern style, the overall coordination of the space must be consistent with the furniture, and the geometric structures are focused more than ever, forming the interior architectural style Minimalism - Modern.

2. Features & notes of modern interior style.

Features of modern interior style are used in the design with sharp lines, a simple color palette and the use of materials that can include metal, glass, and steel.… creating a luxurious space. important, fully functional, and without many cumbersome details.

Color design in modern style.

Compared with other trending 2022 interior design styles,  modern furniture offers simplicity in color. Neutral colors are often preferred for this style such as brown, beige, white, and black. And in the modern style, architects will pay attention to the main interior color, emphasizing the shapes and lines of the interior of the apartment.

Modern interior design with a luxurious neutral tone (Source: SmartDecor)

However, you should also be flexible when using colors. Because modern interior design style doesn't limit you to neutral colors, you can combine them with bold and luxurious colors. This gives your apartment a very dramatic and unique color vibe.

Image of furniture with earthy orange tones used for color scheme modern style living room (Source: SmartDecor)

For modern style, choose many color systems such as red, yellow, orange, etc. With different colors, you should choose a dominant and unified, harmonious color to build a space. your furniture.

 Image of living room with chocolate brown as the main color (Source: SmartDecor)

Materials used in interior style.

Modern style should prioritize the use of high-class, modern materials to create a luxurious feeling in living spaces such as granite, glass, chrome, and wood... These materials are made from Modern technologies that will match the style you are choosing.

The image of the bedroom is using modern materials in a modern style to create a luxurious space (Source: SmartDecor)

 Image of toilet modern design with a combination of marble and built-in lights  & mirror (Source: SmartDecor)

Space division: open space

The division of space for the apartment is essential when you design in a modern interior style. You can intentionally combine the kitchen and living room spaces together to help you have more space for other spaces. Not being restrictive, not heavy on form, unifying the details together is essential for living space in modern style.

Image of a built-in sofa designed bed in the living room space combined with the dining room to add more area to the living space (Source: SmartDecor)

Image of furniture layout in the dining room area in a modern style (Source: SmartDecor)

Use modern furniture

Modern furniture can be a sophisticatedly designed product and is considered a form of art decoration to honor the beauty, luxury, wealth of the house, and harmony between rooms. , reflecting the aesthetic taste and lifestyle of the homeowner.

The image of the living room is decorated with luxurious furniture in a modern style (Source: SmartDecor) 

Image of interior space bedroom in modern architectural style (Source: SmartDecor)

The most attractive feature of modern style furniture is its simple lines, strong contrasting colors, and neatly arranged details. Besides, the surfaces of the interior are polished and arranged for each space in the most reasonable way.

How to arrange the furniture?

Color in interior design in the style of modern interior architecture is quite important, but the arrangement of furniture according to modern architecture needs to be considered in the layout for each space in high-class apartments or apartments. Villa space to be able to highlight the interior products but still have to be in harmony with the overall.

The point of note in the luxurious modern interior architecture is that it is absolutely not advisable to arrange too much furniture in the space because it will cause a feeling of cramped and uncomfortable for the viewer.

Light in modern design

Light is considered one of the important factors for modern interior design styles, especially natural light. In the design drawings of the interior layout in a modern style, architects will often prioritize the arrangement of the corners windows in large arrays to make the most of natural light. This has the effect of creating a strong feeling and completing the aesthetic of your home.

The image of the living room is fully provided with natural light according to modern interior architecture (Source: SmartDecor)

Modern design with little use of textures

Textures used for modern style are often minimalist, it is minimized the textures to match the characteristics of modern style. The motifs are not hit strongly in the modern space. Building textures as little as possible enhances the beauty of modern interiors.

The image of the dining area according to modern interior design style is restrained but still exalts elegance. (Source: SmartDecor)

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