What is neoclassical interior design (Neo classic)? | Origins & Features

Neoclassical style is one of the favorite interior design trends in 2022. But before we start, let's learn about neoclassical interior design with SmartDecor? What are the features of style interior design neoclassical? SmartDecor will reveal to you things you may not "know" about the neoclassical style. From there, you will have a better understanding and perspective to find a unique design style and choose for yourself a suitable lifestyle.

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  1. History of neoclassical interior style
  2. What is the concept of neoclassical interior design?
  3. Features Neoclassical interior design style
  1. Things you "don't know" about neoclassical style
  2. SmartDecor neoclassical design price

Learn about neoclassical design style (Image source: SmartDecor)

1. History of neoclassical interior style

Neo-Classical Interior style in interior design (Neo-Classical Interior) comes from the ancient architecture of Greece and the Roman Empire and countries in Europe, formed from the middle of the 18th century - the 19th century. Up to now, the neoclassical design style is one of the explosive styles for 2022 because of the luxurious and elegant beauty that this unique style brings. The neoclassical style emphasizes minimalism, and textures emphasize the walls and maintain symmetry, bringing harmonious proportions to the space. That is why this style is the trend of interior design in Ho Chi Minh City favored for projects, high-class apartments, and villas.

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Phong cách tân cổ điển có nguồn gốc từ đâu? (Nguồn ảnh: SmartDecor)

2. What is the concept of neoclassical design style?

- In terms of form, neoclassical architecture emphasizes the wall rather than light and dark color coordination and maintains a distinct identity for each of its parts.
- In detail, neoclassical architecture is a reaction to the natural decoration style of Rococo.
 - In terms of architectural formulation, it is an outgrowth of some of the classical features of the late Baroque tradition.

In Vietnam, the concept of neoclassical style is still vague, often understood simply as omitting the cumbersome and sophisticated details of the classical design style to replace it with motifs and flowers. simpler text. The colors and materials used are modern and completely different from the Neoclassical design style.

The concept of the neoclassical style in design | SmartDecor

3. Features of neoclassical interior design style

It is not simply that more and more homeowners are choosing neoclassical design styles for high-class apartments or villas in the HCM area. Because of the beauty that this interior design style brings extremely luxurious and full of art. The elements that make up this interior style include space, color, patterns, and materials.

Space, color, details of patterns, and materials together make up the neoclassical
(Source: SmartDecor)

3.1. Luxurious, sophisticated space brings high art

Designing the interior of a 65m2 apartment in a neoclassical style is completely possible. Because the division of space by arrays and squares according to the “golden ratio” rule is a prerequisite in neoclassical style interior design. This ratio will help the arrangement of space become subtle, and harmonious and spread the space evenly.

The space shows the luxury of neo-classical style (Image source: SmartDecor)

Modern, spacious, and airy kitchen space (Source: SmartDecor)

3.2. Elegant, harmonious colors

A beautiful neoclassical interior usually uses colors such as white, cream, and cream yellow as the main color. Combined with luxurious colors expressing nobility such as black, gray, moss green, red book-do… These are dark tones but are considered the colors that show power and are very popular with nobles and kings used by the gods. The standard interior design color scheme for living space will create different dark and light colors, highlighting the living space by feeling the space with depth and being attracted at first sight.

A space with gray lighting neoclassical living room design
(Source: SmartDecor)

Neoclassical living room design with gentle colors (Source: SmartDecor)

3.3. Textures and patterns stand out

In order to get a beautiful neoclassical interior design drawing, motifs and patterns are always focused on. That is the factor that makes the difference that the modern interior design style (Modern) or the Indochine interior design style (Indochine) and some other design styles do not have, splendid and luxury. like the magnificent castles of the last century in Europe. Depending on the purpose you decorate, these patterns and motifs are meticulously cared for, carefully in the lines.

Simple but sophisticated motifs in neoclassical interior  (Image source: SmartDecor)

Neoclassical interior design with elaborate patterns (Source: SmartDecor)

For classic style, neoclassical interior decoration preference is given to minimalism. The beauty of this style is often reflected in every interior detail. Every detail in the space shows sophistication and sensuality and it can be the curves on the armrests of the sofa, armchairs or chandeliers, and decor products…. When placed side by side, details combine to create an enchanting harmonious space.

Neoclassical interior doesn't overwhelm guests at first sight but brings slow feelings of sophistication and harmony in every detail. This style is also captivating by its elegance, elegance, gentle accents, colors, curves, and even symmetry. Neoclassical is a style that many people like and has become the most popular interior trend today.

3.4. High-quality material

Furniture used for neoclassical space is usually the most advanced materials such as granite, crystal, natural wood, or leather. High-quality materials require careful, sophisticated processing to achieve the best sophistication. In addition, using high-quality materials for the interior and combining alternating yellow light in the space, creating a masterpiece of art in your home, as well as expressing the class and nobility of the homeowner.

Wooden floor in neoclassical design style (Source: SmartDecor)

Model neoclassical style with high-quality materials (Source: SmartDecor)

4. Things you "don't know" about neoclassical style

The furniture of neoclassical style is not as heavy as you think. They can be suitable even for apartments with a modest area but still, retain the luxury and splendor. But to get a true neoclassical space, the quality of the interior is very important, the amount of furniture is not a factor affecting the neoclassical style. That's why SmartDecor is proud to be a supplier of high-quality furniture products for high-end "apartment" designs, or villa and townhouse designs in Ho Chi Minh City.

The neoclassical design style can be applied to the whole apartment
(Source: SmartDecor)

5. Price of neoclassical interior design at SmartDecor

 The price of neoclassical interior design depends on the area and volume of the interior products you want to make so the SmartDecor consulting team will advise further to find the optimal method for the space. your own life. Currently, Smartdecor is running a 50% discount on design costs for you when constructing interiors. So, if you are looking for a design in neoclassical style, you can call SmartDecor via hotline 0911933938 or leave contact information right below this article so we can support, advise and report specific prices for you.

The beautiful, simple interior of neoclassical style (Photo source: SmartDecor)

Hopefully, the above information will help you have a more general view of the neoclassical interior design style, as well as make the right choice for your own living space. See you soon in other blog posts.



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