Write articles about furniture without worrying about ideas

Interior design is one of the topics that has become hot in recent years, that's why content makers or content professionals always have a headache because they often have to publish articles, leading to running out of ideas. 

Today, SmartDecor's house will suggest you some golden tips to avoid being "eaten secret" for the whole year. Note that this is just a suggestion, creating good content requires a lot of elements and resources, so today SmartDecor family only shares in the spirit and style of SmartDecor. Hopefully with today's article you will have more secrets of your own to practice "Content".

1. Interior design style

Interior design style is one of those trending topics that are old but very useful. Just this topic alone, you can practice for a whole year, but you need to keep in mind that this is a hot topic and a lot of people will just like you, so this is also a challenge for you. for you to make your posts stand out more.

SmartDecor suggests some styles you can write:

  • Modern interior style - luxury
  • Neoclassical style, harmonious interference between classical and modern culture
  • Scandinavian style (Scandinavian)
  • Tropical style

In addition to the familiar designs, SmartDecor suggests you a few more unique styles.

Hitech style

This is a style that focuses on technological furniture combined with the skillful arrangement of architects to create a harmonious space.

Boho style

Like fashion, boho or Bohemian is a style inspired by the lifestyle of the nomadic people of Morocco, turning nature into a home, blending with air and nature. SmartDecor firmly believes this will be one of the great topics to explore.

In addition to the above topics, there are many other topics you can refer to such as: Color Block, Rustics, Retro, Artics, Baroquay, Maverick, Country Side, Indochine,...

2. Articles with topics of advice and ideas

This is the type of article that shares experiences, knowledge and ideas with content creators or writers in the same industry and field, and of course this is also a topic that will bring you a lot of interaction. certain.

First,   If you want to find ideas around tips, tutorials, and advice, think about the problems you or your clients have encountered.

Example: Pocketing the idea of ​​​​buying furniture for the space

  • Great way to deodorize the bathroom to always smell good.
  • The golden secret to keep the space clean and fresh

Or suddenly a guest texted and inquired about the cost of wooden furniture "how much is the furniture for a 60m2 apartment", then we can write an article with the content "Tip your secret life to buy things to save money". cost for apartment 60m2”

3. Articles introducing or reviewing the project

Surely this will also be a familiar topic, but you still haven't explored it all. If simply reviewing or introducing a new project is too simple, anyone can write.

However, the review in the form of both introducing and sharing design experience, have you tried it yet? I think most will not care about the experience or ideas to share about design mistakes, or how should the space be designed?

Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to both share your experience, introduce the project and also create more credibility for your own brand.

Hopefully with the above sharing, you will have more new topics and avoid being "eaten pumpkin" while looking for ideas. For more advice on products, styles, or experiences, you can contact hotline 0911 933 938 for free advice or inbox directly via SmartDecor Studio fanpage. See you in the next blog posts.



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