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SmartDecor with you discover about Nordic style (Scandinavian). This is a style that is being favored by young people and even older people. Because the Nordic style (Scandinavian) gives the living space a very fresh, rustic but no less luxurious feeling due to the interior layout and lighting scheme. Let's take a look at some of the main content about this trending style with SmartDecor.

Origins of Scandinavian style

  • The word "Scandinavian" comes from the word "Scandinavia", which is actually a geographical term referring to the Nordic region that includes Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (although it can sometimes include Finland, Iceland, and Greenland). ). This partly says that the geographical factor is the defining characteristic of the Scandinavian style.
  • The  Scandinavian style was formed in the 1880s but the style's heyday was in the period 1930-1970. Scandinavian exhibitions are also held throughout Europe and North America. These exhibitions are very important in bringing Scandinavian style out of the Nordic-European framework


A corner of the Scandinavian Style exhibition in 1954
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What are the 2021 design trends in Scandinavian style?
  • Thus, we can understand that Scandinavian design style is Nordic design style. Bringing many natural and human elements in  this area. Because this style is very popular, when it comes to sure, anyone will think of rooms with light colors, detailed and simple furniture with the emphasis of decorative items such as: Canvas paintings and items with bold Nordic motifs.

Scandinavian style features

  • This style focuses on 3 elements: beauty, minimalism and function, which means that the designs focus on clean, simple; The furniture has minimalist lines, optimizing functions but not sacrificing aesthetics in design.

Scandinavian style living room
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Scandinavian design colors

  • Color is the highlight of this style, the main color of this style is white like the color of snow (a characteristic of the Nordic climate). Prefer soft light colors like beige, cream, turquoise, etc. to make a space larger and brighter.
  • Sometimes we will come across designs in this style that bring warmth with neutral, bright-hot colors and materials of leather, wood, fur rugs .. because winter in Northern Europe is very cold and cold. This also influenced Scandinavian decor.

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Light in Scandinavian design

  • Lighting is one of the important elements that shape this style. Nordic countries have long winters, the air is guaranteed and somewhat gloomy, so the brightness in the house largely depends on the light.
  • The designs make the most of natural light, so you will often see designs with large windows in the living room and bedroom with curtains. The artificial light system is also abundant to ensure that the space is always bright for the days when the outside conditions change.

Large windows in Scandinavian living room space
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Scandinavian bedroom window
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Materials in Scandinavian design:
  • Commonly used materials in this style are wood, leather and fur rugs.
  • Wood is always appearing in interior designs in Northern Europe, wooden floors always stand out under the main wall color, which is white (light color), bringing equally bright and luxurious space in the space.
  • Leather and fur rugs create a cozy space and are also extremely simple in layout.


Decorations and textures in Scandinavian design

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  • Another element that is also reflected in Scandinavian designs is the spirit of society, tolerance and freedom. This spirit makes interior products towards simplicity, not fussy, always attaching importance to natural elements.
  • Outstanding furniture in this style can be mentioned: rattan lamps, copper lamps, Folding Chair, sofa and Canvas paintings.

Scandinavian living room decor
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Scandinavian decor kitchen space

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  • Patterns in Nordic decoration such as checkered, plaid, natural leaves, etc

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It can be seen that the designers introduced the Scandinavian lifestyle by emphasizing the beautiful but simple design, inspired by the climate and nature that can suit everyone. For more detailed information about Scandinavian style and to apply your favorite design style to your life more effectively, please contact SmartDecor immediately to receive support and receive a complete 2D design. It's free from our design team.


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