Design trends and preferred housing types 2021

The top trends in the type of housing demand in Vietnam in 2021 is a shift from ground-floor housing to high-end apartment investment, along with a design trend in the style of high-end studio apartments and other types of housing. different style is always  favored by young people of the 8X 9X generation.

In the years 2020 - 2021, the youth trend has created a new trend for the real estate investment industry. With a small amount of money, owning a house is something that the 8x and 9x generations always aspire to have. They have chosen their lifestyle in luxury apartments located in the areas of District 2, District 7, District Binh Thanh, which has created a real estate fever in these areas. In addition, the popular design style of high-end apartments of the 8X 9X generation can be divided into the following 5 design trends:

1. Design trends luxury apartment landscape.

.Landscape design in luxury apartments has been more and more accepted by young people. Not only using environmentally friendly materials, but also creating green spaces to create accents in the living space that become close to nature and create accents in your own home.

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A few small flower pots will also make your room a beautiful highlight.

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There is nothing more wonderful than lying down sipping a cup of tea in a comfortable hammock and watching the sparkling potted plants right on your balcony.

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Turn your balcony into a place to chill and chill with a light bottle of red wine after a meal.

2. Modern interior design trends.

.Designed in a modern interior style, it is suitable for small and high-class apartments in large urban areas with high population density. The characteristic of the modern style is that it is simple but still full of utilities and functions. Brings a sense of openness in the house.

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The modern style helps to make the living room luxurious while still keeping the look of the party and neat.

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The bedroom is a place to relax and integrate with the workplace,  have a wardrobe  for your clothes, Make your living space more tidy.

3. Neoclassical design trends.


In recent years, the design trend of Neoclassical style has been mentioned a lot because of its luxury and sophistication and only appears in villas and palaces. But now, you can own this style in your own luxury apartment.

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The highlight of the Neoclassical style is the lines running along the walls. Bringing a classic feeling but no less luxurious based on products the interior is delicately decorated with modern lines.

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The baby's bedroom is also decorated in neoclassical style combined with minimalism.

4. Smart interior design trends. 


Smart interior design products have been well received by many young people. Because of its convenience, sophistication and extremely neatness, it makes daily family activities easier and still has enough functions in the house.

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The interior products designed and decorated by Smart Decor will help your living space become more minimalist than ever but still fully functional. Saving living space, especially in high-class apartments.

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In addition, Smart Decor also cooperates with large companies specializing in providing Smart home products to help optimize convenience in today's technology era.

5. Trends in interior design wood style industrial.

This is a design style for young people with strong personalities, with the accompanying colors being black, gray, brick, iron. Feels powerful but also extremely luxurious.

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Strong - to the page - aristocratic is what this style wants to say about the personality of the owner.

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The kitchen with the dominant black tone creates a highlight for the strength and rusticity of the brick wall to create harmony in the design. Compared to other design styles, industrial style is very picky and difficult to design, requiring high aesthetics. Therefore, if you want to design in this style, then learn carefully, the design team  Smart Decor with many years of experience is ready to help you with ideas for your home.


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